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Me at work. Not my circus. Not my monkeys. I just get free tickets and even paid to watch the show.
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It used to be when I thought about a personal web site for little old me the only things that came to mind were all of those nasty invasion of privacy issues and stories like Fatal Attraction. But when I realized that anyone could type my name into a couple of search engines on the Internet and end up with enough information about me to knock down my front door with a cruise missile, that the NSA already knew how many clean pairs of underwear were in my closet, and that the likelihood of Glenn Close chasing after me was rather slim, I figured what the heck, ya gotta go sometime. And besides, who better to spread rumors around about me than me?


The most mudane drivel on the Internets for over 24 years! The domain was registered on January 10th, 2000. Gee. It seems like just a hundred years ago.


This web site has been around for a while. It's gotten a bit out of date -- both the parts you can see and the parts you can't. When the site was maintained with Microsoft FrontPage everything was easy and life was good. The HTML code was crap (I know that now), but life was good. Now I'm converting it over to the "modern" way of doing things by figuring out HTML/CSS without knowing a margin-left from an SSI #include, and by using a lot of manual labor (I mean First-World Manual Labor for you ditch diggers out there). That's me above. Things will be missing and/or look bad and/or just be a bit of a mess for a while. Once I get everything completely messed up I'll concentrate on getting things caught up. I should finish before I'm dead.

Since I was going to be fiddling with every page in the site I decided to change the look a bit. So in revolt of the "flat", ugly, mess Apple, Inc. has made of iOS8 and Yosemite (starting with iOS7, which I call pOS7 -- piece of stuff you find in a toilet, 7) I've replaced the old borders around the pictures with drop shadows. If you are appalled by the new look and feel of iOS7/8/Yosemite then you'll understand. Plus I had to learn the CSS for doing drop shadows anyway. This amazing 'special effect' may not show up in older versions of Internet Explorer. Get a Mac.

2021-09-01: Pretty much finished with the old stuff. Still a few sections to work on. Now I have to get some things caught up.


Just go to Google and search for "Greschke":

Where I work and my phone number.
A paper that I authored where I used to work.
Some family geneology stuff.
Hey! I was in a PC Magazine article!
USENET newsgroup posts which will give you
an idea of my hobbies and interests (and how
stupid I am when it comes to certain subjects).
This whole website.

If that's not enough for you then you can read my resume here from which you can guess the rest.
(Feel free to offer me a job.)

Some stuff about where I work is here.

Some stuff about where I used to work is here.

Some stuff about my daze in the Navy is here.

Some stuff about where I live is here.

Places I've been is here.

A nice, little poem about where I grew up is here.

My Favorite Movies And TV Shows
My list of 3.5 and 4.0 star movies and TV shows.

Gallery Of Me
What is it about having a website that makes us do this to ourselves?

Gallery Of Mine
A few pictures of mine that don't look so bad.

Some stuff to drink when water just won't do.

Wood Shop
Preparing for retirement??

Sciencey Stuff
Once a science geek (not the circus kind), always a science geek.

Camper Stuff
Got me a camping machine.


Funny Of The Moment
2017-05-07, Hazards Of The Desert Southwest

Old Funny Of The Moments


If you like the worthless junk at, then you'll LOVE the worthless junk at,,, AND Check them out!!


A site with lots of stuff on the world of digital cameras.
Ask me about my Canon PowerShot SD950is and SD990is. They are old, but that 950 is my favorite camera of all time.
Where I've spent a whole lot of money on GPS stuff...but now they are out of business!
My current collection is the Garmin Map76CS, Vista Cx, Nuvi 255w, and Etrex 20, but that may be it for Garmin. Their computer software for supporting these receivers has gone completely to crap. That's too bad.

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What the...!? You guys quit surfin' the Net and get back to work!

Because no one in their right mind would pay to advertise here this is an


Like all good sites this one is perpetually under construction.

(Too bad it's not snow. Too bad it's not snow...I like snow.)

I park this domain at, which used to be Domain Direct. Nice folks. They're Canadian, so of course they're nice.
However, it used to be cheaper and you got more when it was Domain Direct, so I'm beginning to move things to which is a big, faceless corporation, but they seem to be pretty nice so far. Their bots always thank me when I give them money.

As of December 2019 the site itself (i.e. the HTML pages) is hosted by A2 Hosting, instead of one of the servers where I work.

This website is maintained using a Python program I wrote, Emacs, the reload
button on a Safari web browser, Transmit (an FTP client from,
an Apache webserver on my laptop for testing, and sweat.

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