In July 2016 I bought a pop-up travel trailer. It is a 2017 Aliner Classic 15. I mostly got it to support my astronomy habit. I call it my portable astronomical unit.


The MSRP on these things is around $24,000. I wasn't stupid enough to pay that much, but that's how much they are supposedly worth. With this particular unit I'm not totally convinced.

This section is for problems I've had with the trailer. It's a moving thing with lot's of parts. It's gonna have problems. Some of them from being a moving thing with lot's of parts...and some for other reasons.

Truth In Advertising
Red To Positive, Black To Negative
No Smoking, Hopefully
Dormer Redo
Alternative Hot Water
Spring Fling


Here I'll just show some things I haven't liked about the trailer and done something about, and the inevitable (everyone seems to do it) improvments I've made.

2016-07-31 - What Microwave?
2016-09-03 - Let There Be Electricity
2016-09-05 - My Thing Is Too Big
2016-09-17 - Stop Smacking
2016-09-25 - Cabinet Work
2016-10-02 - Slippery Slope
2016-10-03 - A Meter For Your Thoughts
2016-10-10 - AC-DC
2016-10-15 - Wire Wrangling
2016-10-20 - Cut It Off At The Mouse Hole
2016-11-20 - Hold My Plug
2016-12-30 - Project Aircon