What a positively, and negatively, lovely wiring job. Certainly looks like $24,000 worth to me. I don't know if the manufacturer did it, or the dealer when they put in the battery, but someone chopped the main power line and did a fine job of sticking in one of those inline fuse holders using those splice connectors that just push the wires down between two dull knife blades. As if that weren't good enough they did all of the splicing outside the battery box. Good thing it never rains, or there's never any dirt around, or that there's never any salt on the road to get into those splices. Stupid.

I moved any wire splices that could get exposed to the real world into the battery box. There also wasn't any main disconnect to easily disconnect the main power from the trailer at the end of a camping trip, so the battery doesn't go dead keeping that all important carbon monoxide detector running. I put in the small circuit breaker to take care of that. I also moved the fuse to the Zamp Powered Solar Ready super conductors, instead of the main power line. This will get reworked again in the future.