This is the aft starboard storage area under the couch/queen bed. The black thing is a hatch to the great outdoors. The divider between it and central area doesn't go all of the way to the back of the trailer. I guess this is so you can but long things in there. My long things were a little too big. My sun shade was a bit too fat and it would wedge itself between the divider and the back of the trailer. The back of the trailer isn't straight up and down. I was afraid it would get damaged and/or get its cover ripped to pieces. If I put the camping chair in first the shade would fit fine on top of it, but it was still tricky making the corner coming in from the hatch and past the divider.

Divider, meet saber saw. After removing the large staples holding the divider in place at the top, and the few screws keeping it achored to the floor it all came right out. I just cut away the plywood part, because the 1x2" pieces at the top are involved in holding up the bed. Where I sleep. I reused the staples and secured it all back into place. There's no problem getting stuff in and out now.