Quite by accident Las Vegas almost started turning into my second home. I was there once in the 1960's and then not again until 2002. I've been there a bunch of times since for both work and otherwise. I have relatives there, so a home base is no problem. Nice. This section of the web site is just a bunch of pictures I've taken during the trips. All of them were taken with my Canon Powershot cameras and no special equipment, other than leaning up against something to prevent movement of the camera for the night shots, which was convenient since I'm usually in need of something to lean up against after a couple of yard-long daiquiris anyway.

Above is Ballys and the Paris Eiffel tower. They are across the Strip, Las Vegas Blvd, from the Bellagio Casino and Resort.

After several trips to Las Vegas I finally got to catch a few iterations of the fountain show in the lake in front of the Bellagio. They go on all evening about every 15 minutes. Each "dance" is set to different music and involves different combinations of the fountains.

Inside the lobby of the Bellagio is the million-dollar ceiling. It is a sculpture of a field of glass flowers and it cost about $1,000,000. Cheap when the whole casino cost billions of dollars to build.

The fountain in the lobby.

The garden is made up of a lot of plants and a lot of fountains. All of the flowers are changed daily. The arrangement, or the theme, of the garden is changed periodically.

There is an art museum up these stairs, which, as of October 2004, looked like it was being removed or remodeled.

In July 2004 the theme was '4th of July'.

Slow shutter speeds do funny things.

Across the street from the Bellagio fountains in October 2004 was a billboard that didn't quite say what you thought it said. It was an election year.