Here are some photographs of the area around Socorro, New Mexico.

The photograph below was taken just north of town on Kelly Canyon Road in Lemitar. Here we are looking west with "M" Mountain (that's what we call it -- it has an "M" at the top of it for the New Mexico School Of Mines Miners sports teams that don't exist anymore, but the real name is Socorro Peak) on the left which is right next to Socorro, Strawberry Peak in the middle of the photograph, and the Magdalena mountain range in the distance between the two. Yes, there is a little snow up there.

4 photographs, "landscape" orientation, 70mm f.l.

You can't see it, but below is a photograph of the Rio Grande River, and the Rio Grande Valley, which you can see, taken from the side of Polvadara Mountain west of Lemitar, and just a few miles north of the location of the photograph above. Trust me -- the river is down there somewhere. The center of the photograph is east. The smudge on the far left is Sandia Mountain which is right next to Albuquerque, and the smudge on the right is the northern end of the San Andreas Mountain Range which runs down the middle of the White Sands Missile Range. Above my truck on the far right is again "M" Mountain. You can click on the photograph for a larger version of the panorama, and a 640x480 version of one of the thirteen photos used which still doesn't do the original 3 Megabyte version of the panorama justice.

13 photographs, "portrait" orientation, 28mm f.l.

Valley of the Daisies. I spent the Labor Day 2001 weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona. On the way there I stopped near the town of Omega, New Mexico, which is near Quemado (stop me if you haven't heard of these towns), and snapped the panorama below. The monsoon season of late summer brings out whole valleys of flowers. And you thought this was just desert.

5 photographs stitched together from my new (way back when) Canon S300.