It started as a simple idea: Help the locals get from one side of Bonbonon Bay to the other without them having to sit and wait forever, tip over in their bancas when the weather was bad, or be stuck in Tambobo if an emergency of some sort came up because of bad roads. Simple. That simple thought chewed up the next two years of my life.

Building a boat is not a particularly rare thing. The Filipinos do it all the time. Building a boat by yourself is maybe just a little bit different. Building a boat the proposed size of Sweetie by yourself is a little strange. But building a boat the size of Sweetie, by yourself, without electricity or any power tools is a little over the edge.

Why name a boat Sweetie? It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I guess it still does. Below is a photograph of Andie Pahulas. She lived in the barrio of Bonbonon that was on top of the hill that overlooked Tambobo and Bonbonon Bay. Sweetie was her three year old daughter. They were good friends.