2016-02-22: 02-19 FOLLOW-UP: POINTING

Loosening the two bolts that hold a 4" Losmandy DV saddle to a Losmandy V bar allows for a lot of play in the positioning of an attached scope in azimuth -- at least a degree or two. I loosened all four bolts holding both saddles to the bar I have and then re-tightened them with the side-by-side laying on its side on a very flat surface. Both saddles should now be pointing as straight ahead as possible. I'll try the two scopes again and see if this has helped. If it makes a difference and/or looks like it is the way to get them pointing in the same direction, I may drill and tap an additional hole through one of the saddles so I can run a bolt up from the bottom of the bar so I can loosen it and adjust the scope's position with the scope mounted, otherwise it will be a lot of trial and error, but first the testing...

Probably more to come...

2016-03-20. It's not really possible. I could get the adjustment close, but then when you take everything apart, and put it back together something has shifted and you have to start over. I'll have to come up with a Plan B.

2016-11-06: FINALLY caved in and bought an ADM Mini-Max Guider that allows me to mount the Sky-Watcher to the left side of the side-by-side, and then mount the Lunt 60 to the other side, but on top of the Mini-Max. This makes it possible to independently point the Lunt in azimuth and elevation once the Sky-Watcher is on target. Tried it a week or so ago. Works really well. It's only rated for 10lbs, but it seems to work fine with 13-14lbs.