This section is just a bit about my geeky endeavors. So far it's just astronomy stuff.


I've been calling the places I've set up my telescopes Delphinus Observatory, and using the delta omicron letters since the 80's. It goes back to a running argument I had with a high school classmate that considered the constellation Delphinus to be worthless. I didn't think it was worthless, so I adopted it.


November 2015: I had telescopes back in the 70's, 80's and 90's, but sold them all. Now I have them again in the teens. Thanks to Santa Credit Card I bought a Lunt Solar Systems 60mm telescope. It's made just for solar obeserving in H-α light. Now I'm gonna see something.

2015-12-05: First (Solar) Light (Agena)
2015-12-10: Sol Finder


December 2016: What's a little more debt? Being a fan of Elton John, I didn't want to Let The Sun Go Down On Me, so I bought a scope for daytime and nighttime use. A Sky-Watcher Esprit 80ED APO. Oh, wait...SUPER Triplet APO. Those marketing guys just can't stop themselves.

2016-01-10: Focus! Focus! (Agena)
2016-01-17: Happy Feet
2016-01-24: Box Of Power
2016-02-05: Getting Close
2016-02-19: In The Field
2016-02-22: 02-19 Follow-up: Pointing
2016-02-26: 02-19 Follow-up: Knobs
2016-02-29: 02-19 Follow-up: Extension
2016-03-03: 02-19 Follow-up: Sol-Searcher
2016-03-20: Astronomy Weekend
2016-04-10: Encoders
2016-05-09: Clear With A Chance Of Mercury


June 2016: Honest...this is the last one. My little Losmandy GM-8 mount can't handle anything bigger, which is kinda why I bought that mount in the first place. You can only get these scopes every six months or so. Naturally when the opportunity came up I took it. Yes, the light in the middle of the tube makes it look like it's dented, but no, it's not.

2016-07-24: Portable Astronomical Unit
2016-08-14: Oak Creek Canyon (Norman)
2016-10-29: Ohmmmmm
2016-11-02: To Catch An Asteroid
2016-11-05: RI2 Camera System Box
2016-11-13: Red Light Shelf


February 2017: OK. I lied about buying another telescope. I'd been thinking about a Celestron 8 (C8) for mounting on my Losmandy GM-8 mount for a couple of months. The only problem is that buying this C8 is going to lead to buying at least one more in the not-to-distant future.

2017-02-05: Return Of The C8 (Phoenix)

  +    +    = 


February 2017: The last telescope I'll ever need...and a mount to go with it!? I thought this telescope was supposed to go on my GM-8 mount...just like it is in the picture on the left? Got the 1983 Celestron Super C8 from a gentleman in Arizona, and a 1992 Ultima-PEC mount from a gentleman in New Mexico. Hey! What about a tripod and wedge?? Oh, they're from Colorado. So this means I still don't have a C8 for my main mount.

2017-03: The Scope Bone Is Connected To The Fork Bone (Sedona)



March 2017: I couldn't seem to get an old Celestron 8 and bring myself to put a Vixen or Losmandy bar on it and use it on my Losmandy GM-8 mount. I kept feeling sorry for them and kept them intact or found forks and tripods for them. This telescope doesn't even have holes to use for mounting it in a set of forks, so problem solved! But that's it! I've gone from no Celestron 8's to three in a matter of weeks. No more telescopes! Well...I did get a set of old C8 forks in perfect condition with the tripod and wedge from It WOULD be a shame to let that set of forks go to waste.

2017-03-16: First Flat Light (Bates)


March 2017 again: The last telescope I'll ever buy. Again. Got a used 1992 Celestron 5 Plus from Iowa City. This will be my ultra goto scope. The problem is that it doesn't solve the extra set of C8 forks problem, and it's kinda small for my GM-8.

2017-04-05: First Relight (Sedona)


April 2017: Well...someone had to buy it. Got a used, let's call it a 2012, Celestron black C6-A-XLT in perfect condition. THIS will be my ultra goto scope seeing as how I bought a Meade LX70 mount to go with it. If I can stay away from the classified ads this will for sure be my last telescope. This still doesn't solve the lonely C8 fork problem, though...which I managed to find a tripod and wedge for. Darn those classified ads. They just won't leave me alone.

2017-04-15: Another First Relight And Other Stuff (Walter)
2017-05: Third Or Fourth Time Is The Charm (Sedona)


May 2017: I really hadn't thought much along these lines (you'll get the pun in a second), but this Lunt telescope that is for observing the Calcium-K spectral line popped up in the classified ads just as I happened to accidentially be looking through them one day. It was a fair deal, so I picked it up. I've spent some time looking at the Sun with a scope set up with a Ca-K filter by the Charlie Bates folks, but now I won't have to wait for them to visit. Still have the C8 fork and wedge and tripod...

2017-05-27: Sunning In The Woods (Calvin)
2017-06-12: Atomic Wedgie
2017-06-21: The Analemma Project
2017-06-24: Cornfed Grew A Foot This Summer

"Omega". Get it? Last one?

Almost July 2017: I can't count any higher, so this is it. This is number 10. It's a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 6" setup. Turns out the mount for the 6, 8 and 9" scopes are all the same! So I got the 6", mostly for portability, but will be able to use the fancy-schmancy go-to-ness of this mount with my EdgeHD 800 and everything smaller. Talk about being dragged into the telescope computer age without a chance to kick or scream. In one fell swoop I'll be able to sit in a lawn chair and wirelessly tell this scope where to point from my iPad. I suppose I'll have to get up and look through the ocular, though...for now. This hobby is so demanding. Now that extra old C8 fork and parts will just have to collect dust until I sell something. Probably.

2017-07-02: Focus, Calvin! Focus!
2017-07-16: The Messier Project
2017-07-27: Tab A To Slot B


July 2017: I've never been good at math, but even I was able to figure out that eleven is really just 1+1, which is only 3, so I was able to count beyond ten telescopes and buy one more in the "Last Telescope I'll Ever Buy" series. This is a William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO. Ain't it cute?? I had been looking for an old Lunt scope, just like Calvin, but without the calcium module, to use for white light observing along with my calcium and Hα scopes, but couldn't find one. This one will do, but it will also do all of the other kinds of observing in a very portable way. Nice! I'm glad I was able to figure out the math problem. I'm glad I'm not getting graded. OK. NOW I have to start selling stuff if I want to buy more.

2017-08: Sky Hex
2017-09-27: The Three Amigos
2017-10-12: 311,296

"Stella!!" What else could it be called??

March 2018: Since this is not a 16" go-to Dobsonian I should be able to fit it into the place where I keep all of my telescope stuff without getting rid of anything. This filled a bit of a size gap between my 80mm and 130mm scopes. It's a Stellarvue SV102T-25SV f/7 APO Triplet. It will be shipped some time in May. Now I feel complete...except for not having a 16" go-to Dobsonian.

2018-05-12: Sedona In Socorro
2018-07-10: Good Pluto Hunting


Haven't come up with a name for it. That C8 looks kinda puny on there. Upgrade?

August 2018: At least it's not another telescope. This is an Astro-Physics Mach1GTO mount on an Avalon T-Pod 130 tripod. I bought the whole she-bang used. Got a really nice deal. The mount and all parts were in really nice condition. The combination is as solid as a rock with Stella (SV102T) or Bates (EdgeHD 800) on board.

2018-09-01: A Few Adjustments (Mach 1)
2018-09-06: Parking Violations (Mach 1)

"Zeb" from Zebulon, NC

October 2018: I got a pet for my C8!, so, technically, it's not another telescope of MINE exactly. It's a 1978 or '79 Celestron C-90 in really good condition. It may be only the 136th one ever built according to the serial number! I always thought they were cute little scopes. It's been cloudy since it arrived, so the only thing it has seen are some elk out in the forest.


"Max". Now that scope looks better on that mount. I need more weights.

Late October 2018: I paid off my credit card. To celebrate I bought one more scope. This is a Celestron EdgeHD 1100. I've wanted a C14 all of my life. Now that it's later in life I thought an 11" diameter version would be a smarter move. This may very well be the last scope I ever buy. Really. I just about have all of the inches covered, this will go well with my Mach1GTO mount, and it will probably always be easy to handle. Besides that it was only going to be on sale until the end of the month. You can't be logical all the time.

2018-11-06: Collimate This (Max)
2019-04-07: See Spot Run

"Steve". It's a nice name.

August 2019: Almost made it a year without a new scope! Couldn't resist. Had to rescue it from the wilds of central Arizona. I like my other C90, Zeb, but I didn't get a motor drive with it, so I have to drag out a lot of other stuff -- like a whole other scope -- to use it. This will mount on an old-style Celestron wedge and tripod. Done. I'll power it with a battery pack and an inverter. Done some more. I was going to call it Junior, but then the movie Over The Hedge popped into my head. That happens a lot.

2019-11-11: This Old Transit
2019-12-18: Et Tu, Bates?

I can't just set my telescopes up where I live. I have to transport everything somewhere to use them. This is how I have things arranged. This is under construction and/or constantly changing.

How I Pack My Stuff

Most of the telescope/astronomy stuff I've purchased comes with few technical details. I'll update this page with info as I come across it.

Astro Stuff Details