I've never seen anything get so out of control so quickly, but in the space of about a month (from the end of January 2015) I went from having nothing to having a whole bunch of stuff related to woodworking and scroll sawing. I did a bit of this kind of stuff in the basement of the house I grew up in on an iron giant my dad had. We called that a jig saw. It worked about the same as the DeWALT DW788 in the picture above, but it was way better at wood burning.

This all started innocently enough...

Project 1: For Want Of A Scotch Glass Box
Project 2: A Small Diversion
Project 3: The Real Scotch Glass Box
Project 4: Third Box Is The Charm
Project 5: Double-Fisted Box Making
Project 6: This Should Be Easy
Project 7: Telescope Stool
Project 8: Universe Of The Rings