No! Not the year 1266, but where it all began: 1266 Illinois SW, Huron, South Dakota. Actually, since my family moved into this house in January and I was born in March, it probably all began somewhere else -- but I was way too young to remember. I think this picture was taken by me during the 68-69 winter with an old 'look through the viewfinder in the top of the camera' that I found. We got a lot of snow that season. It was great.

In 2006 I went back to Huron on vacation. The old house was still there. The big two-story one to the left of it was gone, though.

2013. Still there. The big pine tree on the right that you can't see the top of was only about 8 feet tall in 1977. The one behind it was about 3 feet tall, and the non-pine tree on the left wasn't even there. All of the big Elm trees (all over town) are gone, though. They were all killed by the Dutch Elm Disease in the '80's.