I finally made it around the world in one trip in 2007. Albuquerque to Newark to Beijing to Golmud to Bishkek to Venice to London to Las Vegas to Albuquerque in 12 plane hops and one long bus ride. The plane from Newark to Beijing was supposed to go to the right of the North Pole, but over Canada we veered to the left and stayed in the Western Hemisphere, otherwise, technically, I wouldn't have made it. This was all for support of 2 1/2 experiments in Asia.

In the picture above I'm blocking the view of Song Kul (Song Lake?) in central Kyrgyzstan while on a day trip surveying for a place to deploy some seismic instruments. This was near the end of a three week camping trip that started about 15 kilometers from the southern border of Kyrgyzstan and China to just south of this lake about 150 kilometers from the starting point.

How I got to Asia in the first place will be here, the 1/2 experiment story will be here, and my adventures in Kyrgyzstan will be here. (Links and stories )

Venice, London and Las Vegas?? They were the cheapest way to get back home. I'm not kidding. It was $100's, instead of $1000's to go straight back from Kyrgyzstan. You are welcome, taxpayers. I paid for the short hop from Las Vegas to Albuquerque.