This trip, or maybe it was a vacation, was to the central part of China, Qinghai province, to study part of the Kunlun Mountains, and the area to the north of the Tibetan plateau.

I've attempted to distill over 3800 pictures (gotta love those digital cameras) down into a manageable number of pictures and web pages. Sorry, but it will take a long time for some of these pages to load over a slow connection. A lot of pictures and stories have been left out just to keep the number of pages down. A lot of details have also been left out on purpose for security reasons. Not really national security reasons, but project security reasons. We don't want the competition to know exactly what we were up to, and exactly where we were, at least not until the project is over in the winter of 2003. Seismology can be a nasty, cutthroat business.