The drive from Twenty-nine palms down to El Centro went by pretty quickly. It took us through a lot of nice scenery, and past several interesting sights. That's junk on the windshield. Not snow.

Through the mountains.

The Joshua trees of the Joshua Tree National Park.

The wind farm electrical power plant of the San Gorgonio Pass in Palm Springs.

The Salton Sea. The Salton Sea was actually man-made -- by accident -- in the early 1900's. I tasted it. It's not as salty as the ocean. Later I found out that the whole thing is probably going to be declared an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund Site. Pfft pfft pfft. This is a photograph of Pete Ulbricht combing the beach at Salton Sea Beach. My GPS said that we were 225 feet below sea-level here. I'm a geek. I check those kinds of things.