Astro-Physics mounts have "park positions" that give the controller and controlling software an idea of where the telescope is pointing when things are powered up. There are four park positions and apparently people have trouble keeping them straight. By the time I finished coming up with this I knew them well.

I put stickers on the saddle that indicate which way to point the telescope for each position. The N stands for north and indicates that is the side that should be facing the north pole when the telescope is attached to the mount. The numbers are placed so that they are upside right when viewed from the north side of the mount when the telescope is in the associated park position. I'm sure someone has thought of this before.

There's going to be Park 5 position in the future. It will be a 5 next to the 3 when the open side of the 3 is pointing down.

I wanted to get all of these engraved in the saddle, but no one in town could do it.