2019-04-07: SEE SPOT RUN

There's a new spot in town! The Sun has been pretty quiet the last couple of years as Solar Cycle 24 has wound down. The Sun's magnetic field has flipped, starting Cycle 25, but this new spot, AR2738, seems to have a magnetic field polarity from Cycle 24. Wouldn't that mean 24 is not over? I guess it's not an on/off thing.

Anyway, pulled out a little equipment and set up at about noon and took a couple photos. The one above turned out OK. I still don't know how to stack more than one picture together, so one-in-a-row is all you get.

I had never tried using my Celestron Evolution with the Lunt 60. It did OK. Being an alt/az mount it doesn't like pointing straight up much, but it worked. It might have trouble closer to the solstice when the Sun will be more straighter up. Since it is an alt/az mount the North pole of the Sun is off to the side, instead of straight up.


Easy enough set up. It only took a few minutes to get up and going. I used an R-Sky observing hood to keep the light out. It also worked well.

I've been using my ASiair computer for photography lately. It is quick and easy -- just needing a battery pack to make it and the camera run -- but its saving files in a FITS format is not good for me. It's good for post-processing, but not for me. I don't have any software that is capable of making any decent picture. The one above is the JPEG that is saved to my iPad when I save a photo. The FITS files are saved to the memory card in the ASiair. The camera is my ASI174MM that I have always used for solar stuff.

Fun day!