2015-03-16 - This Shouldn't Take Too Long

One of the popular topics on the Scroll Saw Village website lately has been signs with words imbedded in words with all of the letters cut out. It's pretty clever and there are a couple of guys that turn out patterns and the cutting in no time flat. They have been doing signs for each state with the state motto imbedded in the name of the state. That got me distracted from box making.

I decided to make one for New Mexico. I wanted to use an Old West style font. The problem was I couldn't get the Enchantment part to look good overlaying the New Mexico part with that font. It might have also been that there are a lot of letters in the motto. Anyway, this is what I came up with.

2015-03-17 - Figured It Out

This doesn't look too bad...but the old pattern is already stuck to the wood. I'll have to remove it and put this one on. This shouldn't take too long?

(Later) Got the original pattern off and stuck on the new one. Drilled all of the holes for the letters then discovered what happens when engineering meets reality. The Zia symbol lines around the "O", and the line extending through the New Mexico, were just too skinny. When I originally drew this pattern those lines were much thicker, but over time they just got thinner and thinner until they became undoable. Not to mention being too thin would basically just make them not show up very well in the finished product.

I didn't want to replace the whole pattern again. The glue was just starting to dry, and I put on quite a bit of it. I got a bit paranoid about the pattern coming off during this project with all of the cutting that there will be. What I did was rework the pattern, print it out, and then just cut out the part of interest and glued that over the pattern already on the wood. It worked well! You can't even hardly tell in the picture above.

I finished the drilling of the thicker lines and decided to call it a night to let all the glue dry before trying to cut anything.