A place for everything, and everything in its place...or else I can't find it.

My overall packing goal is to keep as many things with each telescope -- as in *IN* the box with the telescope -- or at least all parts for a telescope together as best I can so that I don't get somewhere and realize that I didn't bring a diagonal for the telescope that I brought. That game plan worked well for the early smaller scopes, but not once the AT130 came along. It's carrying case is only big enough for the telescope. The EdgeHD 800 is another one, because it's case from Celestron is just kinda stupid. You'd like to be able to keep the number of boxes to a minimum, but like with the GM-8 mount if I tried to put everything for it in one box I wouldn't be able to lift it. Also, if you have stuff combined into too few boxes you end up carrying around a lot stuff for telescopes that you didn't even bring with you, and I hate going through before leaving on a trip throwing stuff out that I won't need, because sure as heck I'll throw out the wrong diagonal. It's all a compromise.

Most of my things are either in Zip-Lock bags or in bolt cases. I live in the desert. One trip into the great outdoors and all of my zoom oculars would be full of dust without the extra layer of protection.

I keep changing my mind every time I buy something, so some boxes may need new descriptions, but these should be fairly close to correct.

ASI - Parts and accessories for my ZWO cameras, laptop and parts.
AT130 - Astro Tech 130ED APO telescope accessories.
EDGEHD 800 - Case for a Celestron EdgeHD 800 OTA.
CASS - Case of accessories for Celestron cassigrains.
EDGEHD 1100 - Case for a Celestron EdgeHD 1100 OTA. (Coming Soon. Looks a lot like the 800 case.)
CANON - Canon T6i and accessories.
CORNFED - A C5+ in a box.
COVERS - Reflective telescope covers and other stuff.
ERED - Reducers and camera adapters for the EdgeHD scopes.
EVO6 - The Celestron Evolution mount.
GM-8 LW TRIPOD - Losmandy LW tripod.
GM-8 MOUNT - Losmandy GM-8 head.
GM-8 MOUNT ACCESSORIES - Stuff for the GM-8.
GUIDENCE - Off-axis guide scope and accessories.
HOTECH COLLIMATOR - HoTech SCT collimator and other testing instruments.
HYPERSTAR8 - HyperStar lens for my EdgeHD 800.
JUNK BOXES - Instead of a "junk drawer" I have three boxes. So far.
LUNT 60 Ca-K - Lunt Solar Systems Calcium K-line telescope and accessories.
LUNT 60 Hα - Lunt Solar Systems Hα telescope and accessories.
LX70 - Meade LX70 mount parts.
M2C - Stellarvue M2C mount and Celestron 2" tripod.
MACH 1 - Astro-Physics Mach1GTO mount and parts.
MACH1ACC - Astro-Physics Mach1GTO mount CP4GTO, hand controller, polar scope, etc.
MACH1TRIPOD - Avalon T-Pod 130 for the Mach 1 mount.
OMEGA - The last Celestron (Evolution C6).
ONESIES - 1-1/4" oculars and filters.
POWER - Batteries and charger.
STAR ADVENTURER - Sky Watcher Star Adventurer mount.
STELLA - Accessories for the Stellarvue SV102T telescope, Stella.
SV102T - Stellarvue SV102T telescope and a few accessories.
SW80 - Sky Watcher Esprit 80 telescope and accessories.
TOOLS - A box of stuff to help fix things that you drop.
TRIPLET - My side-by-side-by-side solar observing mount equipment.
TWOSIES - 2" oculars and filters.
WALTER - Celestron 6 and accessories.
WOZ - William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO telescope.
ZEB - Celestron C-90 telescope.

ASI - A Pelican iM2300 case for a ZWO ASI174MM, ASI120MC-S and ASI1600MC-Cooled cameras and accompanying parts.

From the top:
BIG SILVER THING (Top Picture) - It must be a Panasonic Toughbook laptop. It lays on top of everything.
CARDBOARD BOX - This collection of stuff had so many weird things that I just incorporated this box so they could be thrown in here, instead of trying to figure out foam real estate. There's an Astro-Tech dovetail connected to an L-bracket for mounting the ZWO camera on the GM-8, a power supply for the laptop, battery for the laptop, USB cord for the camera, spare battery for the Revolution Imaging camera, power supply for the ASI1600 camera, and assorted cables. There is also a 1-1/4" nosepiece in the bottom for replacing an ocular with one of the cameras.
TOP IN PLASTIC BAG - ZWO 1-1/4" five position filter wheel.
RECLINING BOLT CASE - The ASI1600MC-COOL camera. Assorted extra parts are in the Zip Lock bag in the same hole.
LEFT RECTANGLES - Astronomik 2" and 1-1/4" UV/IR L2 filters.
ABOVE THAT IN CENTER - ZWO camera T2-Tilter and a ZWO camera to Canon lens adapter.

A small towel gets stuffed in the cardboard box to keep things in there, and the laptop gets wrapped in a small towel and lays on top of everything.

AT130 - Pelican iM2300 case with the parts needed to get my Astro-Tech AT130EDT f/7 ED Triplet OTA (that's all from the seller's web page) up and running. I just call it Norman.

From the upper left going clockwise:
BIG WHITE THING IN PLASTIC - Kendrick solar filter.
BOLT CASE - A plethora of adapters for a Baader Hyperion 8-24mm MkIII zoom ocular.
CLEAR BOLT CASE - The 2.25x Barlow attachment for the Baader zoom.
FINDER - 9x50mm Stellarvue finder.
TALL BOLT CASE - Baader Hyperion 8-24mm MkIII zoom ocular.
DIAGONAL - Astro-Tech 2" diagonal.
TWO THINGS - One is the Astro-Tech AT130 to camera adapter allowing a DSLR or CCD camera attached to the scope to be easily rotated, and the other is a good ol' Tele Vue Sol-Searcher.
BOLT CASE (edge) - .8x reducer/field flattener for the AT130 scope.
BOLT CASE (middle) - AgenaAstro 24mm illuminated reticle ocular for the finder and for star aligning the mount through the AT130.

The solar filter lays on top of everything to help keep it all in place since there is no lid foam.

EDGEHD 800 - Celestron case with very few parts for my EdgeHD 800. I don't really like this case. It has a zippered storage area with pockets and stuff on one whole side, but nothing really fits in it. The scope comes with that Celeston straight through 8x50mm monstrosity of a finder scope. You can't put that in there with out taking it all apart, but even then the mounting bracket is too thick and has knobs sticking out all over it that will either try to poke through the side of the case or through the lid of the storage area and into the telescope tube. The pockets face fore and aft. When you put stuff in them and pick up the case half of the stuff starts sliding out of the pockets. It's just not my favorite design.

Left to right:
SCOPE - The telescope.
BOLT CASE - The safety bolts for the dove tail. They stick out so far that I figured it was safer to take them off before packing.
ENVELOPE - A Bahtinov mask for the 800. It's flat and fits in the lid pocket of the storage area.
CAN'T SEE IT - There's another bolt case with the visual back for the telescope.

CASS - Pelican iM2300 case with accessories for Celestron cassigrains.

From the upper right corner going clockwise:
FINDER - 9x50mm Stellarvue finder.
DIAGONAL - Celestron 2" for SCT's.
LARGE RECLING BOLT CASE - Baader 1-1/4" or 2" 8-24mm Hyperion Zoom Mk IV.
SMALL RECLING BOLT CASE - Tele Vue 1-1/4" 8-24mm zoom.
BLACK ABOVE TV824 - Tele Vue SCT 2" to compression visual back.
BOTTOM TWO BOLT CASES - Two 23mm illuminated reticle oculars for the finder and for the main scope when aligning the mount.
NEXT BOLT CASE - 1-1/4" to SCT visual back for the EdgeHD 800 or 1100.
YELLOW COVER - Celestron 1-1/4" visual back for regular cats.
ORANGE COVER - Tele Vue 1-1/4" diagonal.

CORNFED - A Pelican iM2450 case with my C5+ and it's parts.

From the big thing clockwise:
BIG THING - The telescope.
DIAGONAL - A standard Celestron 1-1/4" diagonal.
BOLT CASE - Celestron .6x reducer/flattener.
BLACK CASE - A Celestron 8-24mm zoom knockoff. It looks just like the real thing, but it isn't.
NEXT THING - Stellarvue red dot finder. It came used with the scope. I like it. It's not a red dot, though. It's green.
LAST THING - Standard Celestron 1-1/4" visual back.

CANON - Pelican iM2300 case with parts for my Canon T6i.

That was the old pack. An iM2200 that everything fit in, but that everything fell out of when you were trying to get to something on the bottom.

Much better. Everything fit in here, except for the camera power supply. That's the fake battery that you can plug into the wall so you can run the camera without a battery. That bit of Tupperware is in the foot stool where I also carry an extension cord and other electical bits. If there's no AC power, then there's no need to have the power supply in here with the other camera parts. I almost always bring the foot stool along, but have never had to use the power supply.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
LARGE BOLT CASE - Canon 14mm lens.
ZIP LOCK BAG - Canon T6i camera.
MANILA THING AT TOP - An envelope with a Bahtinov mask that will fit my smaller scopes.
BOLT CASE - Sigma 18-250mm zoom lens.
SMALL BOLT CASE - Mounting parts like a Manfrotto quick realease plate, and a Losmandy 4" dovetail so the camera can be mounted on my GM-8.
BLACK THING - Spare T-ring.
CORNER RECTANGLE - Astronomik CLS CCD clip-in filter.
SMALL BOLT CASE - 140mm Televue extension.
SMALL BOLT CASE IN MIDDLE LEFT - The connecting bolts for the Bahtinov mask.
SMALL BOLT CASE RIGHT - A StarFinder "gunsight" for the camera and a bubble level.
SHINY RECTANGLE - Canon battery charger.

The mask lays on top of everything. Had to chop up the lid foam a little for the tall containers.

COVERS - Pelican iM2400 case with shiney solar blankets, dew shields, laptop outdoor cover, etc.

From top to bottom:
BIG BLACK THING-TOP - Light box for the laptop when out in the sunlight.
BIG BLACK THING-RIGHT - Flexible dew shield for a Celestron 8" or 6".
GREEN THING - A Telegizmo solar cover, but without the black cloth lining. It's not as dark under there, but it's a little cooler in the summer. I also use it to wrap up the mount during the day when on trips.
ZIP-LOCK BAG - A Dew-Not dual channel controller and five heater strips to fit all of my telescopes. SHINY BLACK CLOTH - This is an R-Sky Observing Hood that is just the hoodie part of a hoodie for blocking out light while you are looking through an ocular.
UNDER EVERYTHING - A Telegizmo tripod cover and a solar cover with the black cloth lining. Some spring-loaded clamps to help hold the covers in place.

ERED - The Celestron EdgeHD (800 and 1100) .7x reducers and camera adapters in a Pelican iM2100 case.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
E11.7x BOLT CASE - That must be the reducer for the EdgeHD 1100.
LITTLE BOLT CASE - Reducer for the EdgeHD 800.
ORANGE RING - Camera adapter for the EdgeHD 1100. There's a T-thread on the other end for attaching spacers and a camera or a T-ring for a DSLR.
BOTTOM LEFT - Camera adapter for the EdgeHD 800. This is the end with the T-thread. The orange ring on the other end attaches to the regular SCT thread on the back of the scope.

EVO6 - The Celestron Evolution mount and accessories that came with the Celestron 6 "Omega" in an iM2620 Pelican case.

From the upper right corner going clockwise:
BIG BLACK L - The mount. The base JUST fits with a little foam between it and the lid and the bottom of the case.
THE BLACK THING AND THE COILY WIRE - The hand controller and its clip-on mounting bracket. The white thing is a piece of foam to help clip it on to the arm of the mount, instead of clipping it on to a tripod leg.
BLACK THING WITH WIRE - Celestron AC power supply.
THE LOSMANDY THING - The EdgeHD 800 to Evo mount adapter that I put together so I could use my 8" scope with this mount. The mount only has a Vixen-size saddle, and the dovetail on the 800 is Losmandy-width.

GM-8 LW TRIPOD - The Losmandy Folding LW tripod lives in a simple REI canvas duffle bag. The 12" extension tube was in here in a foam sleeve until I created the GM-8 MOUNT ACCESSORIES box.

GM-8 MOUNT - A Losmandy GM-8 in a Pelican iM2750 case.

From upper left going clockwise:
HEAD - This is a non-Gemini mount. I think there would be plenty of room for a Gemini version.
COUNTERWEIGHT SHAFT - The shaft runs at an angle down into the box just to take up less surface area. It slides into a 1-1/2" clear plastic tube. The tube was for protecting florescent bulbs. I found it in a dusty corner of the local lumber yard.
CAKE PAN - A 10" cake pan that mounts in the middle of the tripod as a tray for random stuff.
SQUARE BOX - Holds the Pole Master camera and USB cable.
BOLT CASE - A bolt case with the three fancy-handle knobs for mounting the head to the tripod.

The side-by-side has been removed and all of the electronics parts for the GM-8 mount have been added to this box. I'll get a picture and desriptions in here soon.

GM-8 MOUNT ACCESSORIES - The extra mount bits. I use a lot of cheap bathroom towels as padding. It's always handy to have a towel around and they are easy to reconfigure if things change. The grey plastic bag is just a grocery bag full of grocery bags and is used for padding...or future expansion. This is a Pelican iM2450 case.

Starting in the upper left corner:
WEIGHT - One of two 7 pound counterweights.
EXTENSION - The Losmandy 12" extension tube that goes between the tripod and the mount head. The one ear tab has a piece of foam wrapped around it to keep it from hurting itself. Inside the tube is a small bolt case that has the three fancy-handle knobs for mounting the tube to the tripod.

SHELF - I built a glow-in-the-dark accessory shelf that mounts to the tripod head. Carrying it is the main reason I have this box.

WEIGHT - The second 7 pound counterweight under the bag of bags.

GUIDENCE - This is the equipment for the off-axis guide scope. It is a Pelican iM2200. This was in an iM2300, but I needed that case, and this didn't need that much room, so I cut the foam down and stuck it all in here. There will be a dedicated camera in here someday.

From top to bottom:
SIDE-BY-SIDE - A short SBS using a short Losmandy D-plate and saddles.
SCOPE - A ZWO 50mm guide scope.
WIRE - The ZWO camera ST4 port to drive controller cable (just a 6P6C telephone cable, and a 6P splitter for the GM-8 drive system hand controller port so the camera and the hand controller can be plugged in at the same time. The cable can also be used with other controllers that use the ST4 system.
BOTTOM RIGHT - An ADM Mini-Max Az/El adapter to mount the guide scope on.

HOTECH SCT COLLIMATOR - A Pelican iM2300 case with collimators and a testing eyepiece.

BIG THING - The HoTech SCT Laser Collimator target and reflector fittings.
UPPER RIGHT - The micro adjustable tripod head for the laser traget.
BOLT CASE - An EasyTester eyepiece for collimation checking.
BLACK BOX - A HoTech 2" collimator for reflector telescopes.

HYPERSTAR8 - This is the equipment for the HyperStar lens for my Celestron EdgeHD 800. It is a Pelican case, but I'm not sure which one. It came with the lens.

Top left clockwise:
FILTER SLIDES - A stack of five slides that hold LRGB and a blank filter. They slide into the filter adapter.
WHITE ROUND THING - The HyperStar lens.
NEXT THING - Regular camera adapter. This is used when the slide filter adapter is not needed, like for a color camera. It will hold one filter.
BOTTOM RIGHT - This is a screw-on cover for the back of the OTA to keep the light out when the HyperStar is in use.
BOTTOM LEFT - Slide filter adapter.

JUNK BOX 1 - This is little Rubbermaid box that has the stuff in it that I don't want to go all of the way to the storage place and have to retrieve from the other junk boxes. It has parts that I know I'm going to need soon for projects that I'm working on, spare dust caps and plugs, spare nuts and bolts, extra bolt cases, plastic bags, etc.

JUNK BOX 2 "Astro Parts" - A closable case with spare parts that have been removed from my 'active' bunch of scopes and equipment. For example if I replace the dodgy finder that came with my Celestron scope with a nice Stellarvue 9x50 finder then the old finder would go in this box in case I decide to sell the scope and put the original equipment back on.

JUNK BOX 3 "Astro Spares" - A closable case with my really spare parts that I don't normally carry with me to the field. Some of this stuff could also be sold and some of it is antique stuff that I won't use anymore.

M2C - Stellarvue M2C mount and Celestron tripod.

The mount is in a small REI duffle bag. Fits perfectly. The tripod is in a Meade telescope bag that was advertised as being 10"x10" diameter. It was MAYBE 6"x6". At least the tripod fit.

I chopped up a discarded foam box from work to make a cradle for the mount. That US flag sticker covers up -- in huge letters -- "MADE IN USA". The sticker looks a lot better.

LUNT Ca-K - This is everything you need to get the Lunt 60mm Calcium K-line solar telescope up and running, except for the camera. The camera is in the ASI box. This is in a Pelican iM2400 case.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
TELESCOPE - 60mm. Lunt doesn't sell the Calcium scope/filter combination anymore. Now they just sell the filters and the telescopes by themselves. These guys were a set that was bought by the previous owner in about 2009.
BIG WHITE THING - This is a ScopeStuff sun shade that mounts to the body of the scope. The circular depression in the foam is where the telescope mounting ring lays when the box is closed.
BOLT CASE - Bolt case for the Tele Vue Sol-Searcher that magnetically mounts to the top of the scope. The thumbscrew for locking the focuser in place is also in there.
B1200 CALCIUM K-LINE FILTER - ...disguised as a diagonal.
LOWER LEFT BOLT CASE - The JMI MotoFocus controller, 6' cable, and clutch stick.

LUNT 60 Hα - This is everything you need to get the Lunt 60mm Hα solar telescope up and running. It is all in a Pelican iM2400 case.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
BOLT CASE - A bolt case that contains the control paddle and cable for the JMI Motofocus motor. The motor just stays attached to the telescope.
BOLT CASE - This is a bolt case that contains a 8-22mm Lunt Zoom ocular.
BOLT CASE - Another bolt case for the Tele Vue Sol-Searcher that magnetically mounts to the top of the scope.
BIG WHITE THING - This is a ScopeStuff sun shade that mounts to the body of the scope. The circular depression in the foam is where the telescope mounting ring lays when the box is closed.
SILVER THING - This is a 5.5 pound StellarMasses counterweight. The 7 pounder is a little too much when the scope is just being used visually or without the front filter on my GM-8. Since the GM-8 counterweight shaft now splits in two and a regular 7 pound weight can be used, this will now normally be found in the TRIPLET box.
BIG BOLT CASE - This bolt case has the 60mm tilt-tuned Etalon front filter.
HOLE - For random stuff. There's a pair of cardboard solar glasses and a piece of welder's glass in there in the picture.
B1200 BLOCKING FILTER - ...disguised as a diagonal.
THE SCOPE - 60mm, pressure tuned.

MACH 1 - This is the major parts of the Astro-Physics Mach1GTO telescope mount in a Pelican iM2750 case.

From the top going clockwise:
BIG BLACK THING - Obviously the Mach 1.
SILVER ROD - Counterweight shaft. It lays on top of the foam and the lid foam pressing down keeps it in place.
BOLT CASE UNDER ROD - The three knobs/bolts for attaching the head to the tripod. Under the bolt case and the foam block with the arrow is the Allen wrench set that comes with A-P mounts.
BLACK RECTANGLE LEFT SIDE - The control box adapter for mounting the control box (in MACH1ACC) to the head.

MACH1ACC - This is the accessories for the Astro-Physics Mach1GTO telescope mount in a Pelican iM2300 case.

From left to right:
IN THE MIDDLE - The Right-Angle Polar Scope for aligning the mount.
ON THE RIGHT - The Astro-Physics hand controller.

Below the first layer of foam is the power and motor cable below the controller box. The other set of wires are USB and serial comm wires and spares. The small bolt case contains the illuminator for the reticle eyepiece in the RAPAS.

MACH1TRIPOD - This is the Avalon T-Pod 130 tripod in its carrying case.

The tripod is pretty obvious. The white circle in the legs on the right is a plastic plate that mounts in the middle of the tripod on the spreader arms to make an accessory tray.

OMEGA - The Celestron Evolution 6 scope and its accessories in a Pelican iM2620 case. Plenty of room for expansion.

From the top going clockwise:
BIG SILVER THING - The telescope.
BLACK RING - Celestron 1-1/4" visual back.
RED DOT - Celestron basic red dot finder that came with the telescope. It's cheap, but it works.
DIAGONAL - Celestron 1-1/4" standard diagonal.
HEX CASE - That will be a Meade 4000 8-24mm zoom. It's on order.

ONESIES - 1-1/4" oculars and filters. It's a Pelican iM2400.

POWER - I have 20Ah of 12V battery power in the form of two 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The box is a modified Pelican iM2100.

Starting in the upper left corner:
BATTERIES - They are in the Pelican case, but are wired to outlets on the outside of the lid.
DIVIDER - The wooden divider around the "battery compartment".
FOAM - Just foam. The empty space may be filled with more batteries in the future.
BLACK BOX WITH WIRES - The AC adapter for charging the batteries.

STAR ADVENTURER - Pelican iM2300 case. The whole package.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
SILVER ROD - Counterweight bar and a black weight.
BLACK THING WITH RED DOT - Equatorial wedge.
LOWER RIGHT CORNER - Cables, ball head adapters, polar scope illuminator, etc.
MIDDLE - The Star Adventurer body.
LEFT OF BODY - Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head mount.
LEFT SIDE L - Fine-tuning mount assembly.

STELLA - These are the parts used to get the Stellarvue SV102T, named Stella, up and running.

From upper left clockwise:
WHITE CONTAINER - Stellarvue SFF3-25-48 field flattener.
BLACK THING - Stellarvue 2" diagonal.
RECLINING BOLT CASE - Baader Hyperion Zoom MkIV.
BOLT CASE - Stellarvue 23mm illuminated reticle ocular and illuminator.
WHITE FINDER - Stellarvue 9x50mm straight-through finder.

SV102T - This is the Stellarvue SV102T-25SV f/7 telescope in the supplied case. It has a little room for parts, but they are all kept in the box STELLA. The picture is just for reference.

SW80 - This is everything you need to get the Sky Watcher Esprit 80 up and looking at something. The box is a Pelican iM2720.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
TUPPERWARE - Kendrick solar filter.
WASHERS - A bolt with some stainless steel washers to use as a counter weight when needed. The bolt screws on to a Parallax telescope ring.
BIG WHITE THING - This is a ScopeStuff sun shade that mounts to the dew shield of the scope. The circular depression in the foam near the bottom is where the telescope mounting ring lays when the box is closed.
ROUND CASE - 8-24mm Celestron Zoom ocular.
BLACK THING IN HOLE - A Baader Sky Surfer III red dot finder.
BOLT CASE - The extra bits and field flattener that Sky-Watcher provides for connecting a camera to this scope.
THE SCOPE - That's it.
LOWER RIGHT - 8x50mm Sky-Watcher finder scope.
BOLT CASE - A 23mm AgenaAstro illuminated reticle ocular for star alignment when setting up the Nexus WiFi unit. Using the main scope and this helps the accuracy a lot.
DIAGONAL - The stock 2" Sky-Watcher diagonal.
BLACK RING - A Parallax telescope mounting ring that wraps around the dew shield and that I use as a counter weight depending on what is attached to the scope. The set of washers can be attached to this for extra weight.
BOLT CASE - Tele Vue Sol-Finder.

TOOLS - Pelican iM2400 case.

From the upper left corner going clockwise:
RED POUCH - Lens/glass cleaning stuff.
RED BOX - Tool box. The usual kinds of tools.
FLUKE CASE - A Fluke multi-meter.
BLUE POUCH - Big plastic bags for those surprise showers.
CARDBOARD BOX - A bunch of zip lock bags of spare cables with enough spare connectors and such to fix just about everything.
BLACK POUCH - Fancy test leads for the Fluke meter.
ZIP LOCK - Some spare dust caps, dust plugs, etc.

TRIPLET - Pelican iM2300 case. The extra parts needed for mounting three telescopes for solar observing.

ROUND THING - 5.5 pound Stellar Masses counterweight. This used to be needed when just the Lunt Hα scope was on the GM-8 mount by itself. A single 7 pound weight was too much. With the 3 pound/2 pound split counterweight shaft for the GM-8 a single 7 pound weight can be used when the end section of the shaft has been removed. This 5.5 pound weight along with two 7 pound weights is needed when the triple scope bar and all three solar scopes are used.
DIAGONAL THING - Losmandy 14" Vixen bar, and three Losmandy 4" saddles.
LOWER RIGHT - One of the two ADM Mini-Max Az/El adapters. The other one that is needed for triple operations is not in this case.

TWOSIES - 2" oculars and filters. It's a Pelican iM2300.

WALTER - Celestron 6 and accessories in a Pelican iM2620 case.

From the top and clockwise:
CARDBOARD BOX - Celestron EcilpSmart white light solar filter.
BLACK LID CASE - Celestron 8-24mm zoom ocular.
WHITE DUST COVER - Celestron 1-1/4  standard diagonal.
BLACK WITH WRITING - Tele Vue Sol-Searcher.
BLACK & YELLOW & PLASTIC - Celestron 1-1/4" visual back sitting on top of a bolt case with a Celestron f/6.3 reducer/corrector inside.
LOWER LEFT - Baader Sky-Surfer III red dot finder.

WOZ - William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO and parts in an iM2300 Pelican case.

From the top and anti-clockwise:
BIG CUTE THING - The telescope. They come in gold, blue and red.
GREY BLACK YELLOW CONTAINER - Thousand Oaks flim solar filter in an old yougurt container.
TO THE RIGHT - A good ol' Tele Vue Sol-Searcher on a short Tele Vue dovetail.
BLACK AND ORANGE - Tele Vue 90° 1-1/4" diagonal.
IN THE CENTER BOTTOM - Tele Vue 45° erecting prism. I've never had one of those before. It's nice with this telescope during the day.
MZT8-24 - Meade 4000 8-24mm zoom. It looks just like the one from Celestron and from Agena Astro.
STANDING BLACK TUBE - William Optics 2" Canon camera adapter.
RECLINING BLACK APPARATUS ON THE RIGHT - William Optics 1:1 Flattener with all of the adapters for a Canon DSLR.
UPPER RIGHT - Stellarvue red dot finder.

ZEB - Celestron Orange C-90 Spotting Scope from the 1970's in an iM2200 Pelican case.

From the left:
THE SCOPE - Kinda hard to miss. This one is serial number 9136 which means it may be the 136th C-90 that they made some time in the late 1970's. How about that? It works just fine.
SMALL BLACK THING - .96" to 1-1/4" adapter. The scope was originally made for 0.96" optical parts. The original parts are still around, but are in storage.
TO THE RIGHT - A Tele Vue 1-1/4" diagonal.
BELOW THE FINDER - A small Vixen bar that can replace the camera tripod mounting plate on the bottom of the scope.